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how to take care of your cake

Thank you for taking me on this ride. Please read the following recommendations carefully, as I am delicate and need special handling.

1. Make sure to transport me in the flattest part of your vehicle, either on the floorboard or if I am riding on an SUV, on the flatbed space. Your seats are not a safe place to transport me.

2. Pets and children can be mischievous. Please do try and keep me away from them.

3. Please take me directly to my final destination. Every small bump, every slight curve, and every stop can damage me.

4. I need to be refrigerated; however, I am best enjoyed at room temperature. Please remember to take me out of the fridge at least 3 hours before enjoying me with your guests.
When selecting my placement at your event, please keep in mind that direct sunlight is terrible for me and I need to stay below 75 degrees. If not, I could melt and even get damaged.

Just a thought to keep in mind, I was made with so much love and care for you, so please treat me with the same love and same care in which I was created. 

how to cut your cake!